If a record pass our tough verification process, it will be published on our website and may be included in our publications (WRA's Book of Records and/or e-books, Apps, TV documentaries, etc).

  You need to be at least 18 years old to submit this application; if you aren't, ask your parent or legal guardian to submit the form.

   You can benefit from our fast service if you have registered well in advance your record attempt (1-3 months for personal record attempts and 2-6 months for public events and mass participation attempts), you have our written permission, forms & instructions and, after you set the record, you have submitted it according to our instructions.

  To register IN ADVANCE your record attempt , to receive our confirmation, our rules and our official forms, go to our ' submit a record attempt ' page.

   Only personal records like 'tallest dog owned' or 'largest collection of' or similar can be submitted directly;

   ALL public events must be registered in advance !

   # you must submit your new (unofficial, pending verification) world record and the originals within 5 days;
   # if you submit this application within 2 days after your record attempt, your record will be listed on our News page; if you submit at a later date, it will be included in our database (if recognized).

    ALL documentation needs to be in English; press articles in foreign languages needs to be translated in full.

   ONLY serious applications will be considered and reviewed closely; if you don't provide all the required answers, evidence for your claim and quality photos, do NOT expect any answer from us!

     If you don't have our answer within 5 days, you can also contact us regarding your submission through our Facebook page (don't forget to include record's name).

   Multiple records: if you attempted more than one record, start by registering the most important FIRST and just mention the other ones and you will receive further instructions from us; do NOT send more than 1 record application before receiving our answer!



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