Youngest World Records

Youngest Chartered Accountant: Ramkumar Raman sets world record (VIDEO)

Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Malala Yousafzai breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Most Successful Young Alpinist: Crina Coco Popescu sets world record

Youngest Video Game Programmer: Zora Ball sets world record

Youngest record producer: DJ Jack Hill sets world record (VIDEO)

Youngest Stock Car Driver: Braden DuBois sets world record (PICS & VIDEO)

Youngest fashion designer: Duda Bündchen sets world record (PICS & Video)

Youngest Zumba Instructor: Catalina Mejia sets world record (Video)

Youngest DJ to beat mix 10 songs in 1 minute: DJ Jack Hill sets world record (Video)

Youngest licensed stockbroker: John Wang Clow sets world record

Youngest table tennis player: Jamie Myska-Buddell sets world record (Video)

Youngest Cancer Researcher: Angela Zhang sets world record (Video)

Youngest stock car driver: Dustin Jackson (Video)

Youngest App Developer: Thomas Suarez (Video)

Youngest judge: 17-Year-Old Judge

Youngest archeologist: Emily Baldry (Video)

Youngest nuclear scientist: Taylor Wilson (Video)

Youngest TV reporter: Five-year-old Jane Haubrich (Video)

Youngest preacher: Kanon Tipton (HD Video)


Youngest Professional Drummer: Julian Pavone (Video)

Youngest climber to conquer the Seven Summits: George Atkinson

Youngest professional soccer player: Baerke van der Meij (Video)

Youngest astrophysics researcher: Jacob Barnett (Video)

Youngest Gamer to Achieve a Perfect Score on Dance Dance Revolution: Ryota Wada

Youngest to make a lifesaving call: 3 Year Old AJ Hayes

Youngest Yoga Teacher: 6-Year-Old Shruti Pandey

Youngest Singer: 3 Year-Old Atithi Gautam

Youngest person to discover a supernova: 10-Year-Old Kathryn Gray

Youngest World Map memorizer: 6-Year-Old Mohamed Ashik

Youngest live portrait artist:
Harris Imtiyaz Khan

Youngest to state all the U.S capitals: Shruthi Vairavan

Youngest to state all the U.S capitals: Shruthi Vairavan

Youngest Opera Singer: Jackie Evancho

Youngest FisherGirl: Ella Windschitl

Youngest to climb Mount Everest: Jordan Romero

Youngest to circumnavigate the globe: Jessica Watson

Youngest Golfer to Score a Hole-in-One: Eleanor Gamble

Youngest person to have built an electric truck: Deitrich Ludwig

Youngest Vacuum Cleaners Specialist: Kyle Krichbaum

Youngest drum corps queen:   Julia Lira

Youngest to climb world's highest peaks: Johnny Collinson

Youngest successful painter: Kieron Williamson

Youngest Skateboarder: Evan Wasser

Youngest wing-walker: Tiger Brewer

Youngest solo pilot to fly five different aircrafts: Evan Graham

Youngest String Orchestra to Play at Carnegie Hall: South Pasadena Children's Orchestra

Youngest Billiard Player: Keith O'Dell Jr 

Youngest male radio presenter: Jack Hill

Youngest college lecturer: Aman Rehman

Youngest passenger on wheightless flight: Jules Nader

Youngest Successful Singer: Cleopatra Stratan

Youngest to solo airplane and helicopters on same day: Errick Smith

Youngest DJ: Jack Hill

Youngest Person Performing Carnatic Music on the Violin: Sandeep N Bharadwaj

Most expensive Baby photos: Angelina Jolie's twins

Youngest swimmer Maharnth

Youngest college professor: Alia Sabur

Youngest pilot to set world flight records: Jonathan Strickland

Youngest leader of the Formula One world championship

Youngest lead climbing world champion: Johanna Ernst

Youngest person to win a Japanese Golf male tournament

Youngest relay team to swim the English Channel: 
English swimmers

Youngest Skydiver: Valentina Mihanciu

Youngest pilot completes round-the-world flight

Youngest to circumnavigate the globe: Jessica Watson

Youngest rower to cross an ocean solo: Katie Spotz

Youngest to sail solo around world: Zac Sunderland

Youngest passenger to fly in microgravity: Jules Nader

Youngest to solo airplane and helicopters on same day: Errick Smith

Strongest Girl: Jacqueline Wickens

Strongest Boy: Nicholas Ortiz

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