Saturday, April 10, 2010

  Most vertical metres skied - world record set by Oliver Kern

  SPEIKBODEN, Italy -- Oliver Kern , 36, the owner of ski portal , clocked up 60,874 vertical metres in a day, 15 hours after beginning - setting the new world record for the Most vertical metres skied  in a day .

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   March Kern also clocked up 5550 vertical metres in just one hour , breaking the previous Guinness world record of 4490.

    The skier then went on to ski a total of 60,874 vertical metres in one day, resorting to eating a fuelling Spaghetti Bolognese lunch in a gondola to save time and skiing with a head torch as night fell.

    36-year-old Kern chose Speikboden for his record attempts because of the fast Speikboden gondola and a 5.5km Speikboden run which he skied 58 times as part of his world record attempt.

    The skier also took in additional slopes to bring his overall distance skied to 361km and total distance travelled on slopes and lifts to 520km.

    Oliver Kern has visited more than 700 ski resorts and has four world records under his belt. He already has the most resorts in a day and the rather odd one of skiing in 3 different resorts in a single day that are separated by The Atlantic Ocean.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

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