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  Most skydives by an 80-year-old in one day: Pat Moorehead sets world record (Video)

Lake Elsinore, CA, USA -- Pat Moorehead celebrates his 80th birthday by making 80 skydives in one day at Skydive Elsinore in Lake Elsinore, California, while raising funds for the National Skydiving Museum - setting the new world record for the Most skydives by an 80-year-old in one day, according to World Record Academy (www.worldrecordacademy.com).
Pat Moorehead world record holder
  Photo: Pat Moorehead readies for takeoff at Skydive Elsinore. Photo: Toni McAllister
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The Guinness world record for the Largest flag flown while skydidving (parachute jump) was set by Gazali Peltek (Turkey), who flew a Turkish flag measuring 531.2 m² (5,717.9 ft²) whilst parachuting over the military base in Kayseri, Turkey.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the fastest time to complete a skydive on six continents: 8 days 7 hr 30 min, achieved by Martin Downs (UK).

  "He had a lot of energy when he finished – there were no mishaps. It was perfect," said Nancy Gruttman-Tyler, a retired skydiver who witnessed today's record-breaker.

  To help get his "Team 80" event off the ground, Pat enlisted the help of "Most Jumps" world record holder Jay Stokes to coordinate the big day and with Dave DeWolfe manning the packing tent, Pat set out to make 80 jumps on his birthday flying his Spectre canopies.
Pat Moorehead world record holder

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  Moorehead actually jumped 81 times. After he broke the record, he went up one last time to fly the American flag.

  The feat took a little over 6 ½ hours and was not without careful planning, including support from his wife, and volunteer help from about 50 friends who stepped up as riggers, cameramen, a pilot, and a doctor on standby.

  Equipment and an airplane were also on loan for the birthday celebration, and an international contingency of skydivers wished him well from all corners of the globe.

  "You don't stop skydiving because you get old. You've got to keep moving," he said.   

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