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 Longest aerobics class: Zumbathon breaks world record (VIDEO)

LONDON, UK -- Two hundred and fifty participants took turns to complete a 36 hours and 30 minutes zumbathon held by qualified zumba fitness instructor Esther Featherstone, 33, at Freedom Leisure's Clair Hall in Haywards Heath, to raise money for St Peter and St James Hospice in Chailey,
setting the new world record for the Longest aerobics class, according to the World Record Academy: longest aerobics class world record set by Freedom Leisure Zumbathon

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The Guinness world record for the longest aerobics marathon is 29 hours 5 minutes and was performed by Julian Hitch (UK) at the Julian Hitch Martial Arts School of Excellence in Bromley, London, UK.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for largest Zumbatomic® class: 383 participants, achieved by the City of Brownsville and UT Houston, School of Public Health-Brownsville Regional Campus (both USA) at the Brownsville Sports Park in Brownsville, Texas, USA .

  In order to qualify as a World Record, a minimum of 10 adults (aged 16+) had to keep moving for the entire time.

  Erica Martin, Freedom Leisure event manager at Clair Hall, was delighted to witness the new World Record being set.

  "There was a tremendous buzz of excitement from the first steps to the last dance moves completed," she says.

 "We were overwhelmed by the level of support from participants and spectators," she continues.
  "The night shifts were the toughest as people fought their body clocks but if anything is going to keep you moving in the small hours of the morning, Zumba will!"

  The event was led by Esther Featherstone, a Zumba Fitness Instructor.

  As well as setting a new World Record, the Zumbathon raised around £20,000 for St Peter & St James Hospice in Chailey.

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