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 Largest 'flower formation': Russian female skydivers set world record (VIDEO)

MOSCOW, Russia -- 88 members of the "Pearls of Russia" female skydiving team fell together in 'flower formation'
- setting the new world record for the Largest 'flower formation', according to the World Record Academy:
largest flower formation skydiving by Pearls of Russia
  Photo: The 88 member 'Pearls of Russia' women's skydiving team has just successfully pulled off a white, blue and red flower formation jump in the skies over Kolomna near Moscow, setting a world record for largest "flower formation" skydiving. ( enlarge photo )

The Guinness world record for the most tandem parachute jumps in 24 hours at the same location was 160 organized by MGM Advantage at the Hinton Skydiving Centre, Hinton Airfield in Brackley, Northamptonshire, UK.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the highest speed ever reached in a speed skydiving competition: 526.93 km/h (327.41 mph), by Christian Labhart (Switzerland) at Utti, Finland at the World Cup.

  The amazing feat was the group's third attempt – and it set a new world record for women's parachuting, breaking the previous world record set by 82 German female skydivers.

   "For so long we've been driven, actually, to setting this national record," skydiver Natalya Kokoreva told Russia Today. "I think we've created a great team here."

   The ladies, who coordinated their red, white or blue jumpsuits, took off twice from an airfield about 70 miles southeast of Moscow before ascending again in four aircraft to about 20,000 feet.

  From there, they tumbled hand-in-hand to form a flower before pulling their respective rip cords.

  The record-settting maneuver left little margin for error.

 "If one of these girls will do skydive not too good, we will have no result," skydiver Ilona Kireyonok told Russia Today before the world record attempt. "It's very important."

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