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 Largest Skydive Formation: Skydivers Over Sixty set world record

Lake Elsinore, CA, USA -- Skydivers Over Sixty , a group of veteran skydivers from around the world, set the world record in Lake Elsinore for 60 skydivers over the age of 60 jumping in formation
; the skydivers successfully completed their big-way formation in a 90-second freefall, according to the World Record Academy:
largest skydive formation Skydivers Over Sixty
  Photo: Skydivers Over Sixty successfully set a world record jump (pictured above) for 60 people over the age of 60 skydiving in formation. Courtesy photo/Terry C. Weatherford. ( enlarge photo )

The Guinness world record for the most tandem parachute jumps in 24 hours at the same location was 130 organized by Khalsa Aid and Skydive Hibaldstow (both UK) at Hibaldstow Airfield in Hibaldstow, Lincolnshire UK.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the highest speed ever reached in a speed skydiving competition: 526.93 km/h (327.41 mph), by Christian Labhart (Switzerland) at Utti, Finland at the World Cup.

  It was the fourth jump of the day, but the seventh jump taken since they began.

  "They were ecstatic. They were hootin' and hollering on the ground because they felt really good (about the jump)," said Carol Jones, the group's event coordinator.

  "This year, we've got more talent than ever before, so were pretty sure we'll break the record," said 80-year-old Long Beach resident Pat Moorehead, founder of Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS).

  Formed in 1992 as a subgroup of Parachutists Over Phorty Society (POPS), SOS is comprised of 1,640 members in 26 nations. POPS was organized in 1966.

  Skydivers from seven other countries were in attendance, including Australia, Italy, Germany, France, England, Canada and Austria.

List of participants & record holders:

1  Alicia Moorehead  CA

2  Betty Bennett   IL

3  Bill Fridberg   UT

4  Bill Jones  WY

5  Bill Montague  CA

6  Bob Pruitt  CA

7  Carlo De Martino  Italy

8  Claudio Serafini  Italy

9  Dennis Sattler  CA

10 Dennis Schriber  CA

11 Dusty Dave Kottwitz  WI

12 Ed VanDerPas  AZ

13 Eike Hohenadl  CA

14 Emmett Florea ID

15 Fess Edwards  CA

16 Flip Hollstein Jr.  HI

17 Garry Rickwood  Australia

18 George White  CA

19 Italo Brizzolesi  Italy

20 Jay Gile  OR

21 Jim Culhane  TX

22 Joe Pete LoRusso  CO

23 John Adams  OR

24 John Benoit  NY

25 John Hardy  Canada

26 John Kallend  IL

27 John Mad/John Dobleman  CA

28 John Mignanelli  ID

29 John Miller  CA

30 John Szumila  FL

31 John Vanderschrier OH

32 Johnny Bateman  CA

33 June Bug Urschel  CA

34 Kim Dobson  FL

35 Kirk Knight   FL

36 Larry Elmore  FL

37 Larry LT Thomas  NJ

38 Lynn O'Donnell  FL

39 Mark Kimber  CA

40 Marshall Madden  TX

41 Mike Britting  CA

42 Monique Careau  Canada

43 Myles Elsing  CA

44 Pat Arthur  WA

45 Pat Moorehead  CA

46 Paul Behler  Germany

47 Pete Stone  England

48 Pierre Chalot  France

49 Richard Luczak  CA

50 Roberto Carrani  Italy

51 Ron Brown  IN

52 Rudi Albrecht  Austria

53 Scotty Gallan  AZ

54 Stan Kay  MD

55 Steve Love  PA

56 Tim Monsees  CO

57 Tom Morris  CA

58 Tom Webber  OR

59 Tony Dale  Australia

60 Walter 'Sky' Huminsky  FL

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