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Longest Calligraphy Scroll 
- Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar

Biggest hand written Bible-world record set by Sunil Joseph

Fastest writing of Bible - Christian group

Biggest hand-written Quran - Najmul Hasan Chishti

Most expensive Koran-world record set by the oldest copy


Largest Painted Easter Egg - Suceava city

Largest Easter Egg Collection - Easter Egg Museum in Poland

Largest chocolate bunny - Harry Johnson for Duracell

Largest Christmas cake - Uday Samudra hotel

Largest Easter Bread with Cheese ('Pasca') - Radauti city

Largest potluck supper - world record set by Elmbrook Church

Largest Chanukah Menorah: New York breaks Guinness World Records' record (VIDEO)

Largest Religious Selfie: Orthodox rabbis set world record despite Guinness missing category (VIDEO)

Largest donation of pet food: Living Hope Church breaks Guinness world record

Largest Ten Commandments: Philippines sets world record

Tallest Jesus statue - Christ the King Monument

Most Ganesha Idols Hand Made in 24 Hours  - Rama Shah

Bronze goddess sculpture sets world auction record

Biggest coffin-Eternity restaurant sets world record

Largest Urn - Richard Cohen Landscape & Construction Inc.

Longest rosary-world record set by Mohammed Alasiri

Largest Gathering of Muhammads - Libya

Longest string of prayer beads - Mustafa Kara

Most Ganesha Idols Made in 99 days - Rama Shah

Largest Hindu Temple - The Akshardham Temple

Longest outdoor preach - Revd Eric Delve

Most lighted candles on a cake - the disciples of Mr. Chinmoy

The Most tilted tower - Steeple church

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