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Highest barley yield: Timaru farmer sets world record (VIDEO)

Most Siblings Ploughing Simultaneously: the Holton family sets world record (VIDEO )

Most expensive hay bale: Australian meat firm sets world record

Fastest time to shear a sheep: Ivan Scott breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Most combines harvesting at once: Harvest 4 Kids sets world record

Largest Operational Agricultural Plow - Manitoba Agricultural Museum sets world record

Most bushels of soybeans per acre of yield - Kip Cullers sets world record

Hottest June recorded worldwide   - June 2010

Fastest female shearer - Emily Welch

Fastest pumpkin carver - Steven Clarke

Fastest wethers shearers - Dave Grant and Laurie Batemen

Most apples collected - Claude Breton

Most saplings planted in one day - Assam villagers

Most wheat harvested in 8 hours - Farmeco

Largest wheat paddock - the Coggan family

Most combine harvesters working simultaneously- Combines 4 Charity

Largest Farming Tractors Parade - Stirling residents

Largest ATV parade - ATV Association of Minnesota

Most tractors in a parade - Marion residents

Largest Chevy Truck Parade - Heinrich Chevrolet

Largest number of crawler tractors - Otago Club

Largest Spade - Bulldog Tools set world record

Largest wicker basket - Cluj

Largest hanging basket - Hotel Indigo London Paddington

Largest area cultivated - Challenger  tractor

Largest bird feeder - The Allerton Project farm

Largest Wildlife Feed Cake - Birdola Products

Fastest lawnmower - Don Wales

Largest Farm Tractor - Big Bud Tractor

Most expensive sheep - Deveronvale Perfection

Smallest Horse - Einstein the Horse

Smartest Horse - Lukas the Horse

Most ducklings hatched - mallard duck

Biggest Rabbit - Darius the Rabbit

Oldest Pig - Oscar the Pig

Biggest Rabbit - Ralph the rabbit

Largest genetically engineered trout - Sean Konrad

Biggest bullock - The Field Marshall

Most expensive cow - Missy

Most expensive sheep - Deveronvale Perfection

Biggest Chicken Egg - 'Titi'

Biggest Mango - Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan

Tallest Zinnia - Everett Wallace Jr.  and Melody Wagner

Most tomatoes grown on a single truss - Graham Tranter

Tallest rose bush - Robert Bendel

Largest pumpkin - Christy Harp

Heaviest gooseberry - Bryan Nellist

Largest rutabaga - Scott Robb

Largest cabbage - Steve Hubacek 

Longest Cucumber - Yitzhak Yazdanpana

Largest potato - Khalil Semhat

Largest rutabaga - Norm Craven

Largest marrow - Ken Dade

Longest Spaghetti Bean - Toni Velardo

Longest water spinach - Li Hui

Largest horizontal wall of flowers - Thompson and Morgan

Tallest Amaranth plant - Jesse Eldrid

Organic gardening
Largest organic cucumber - the Segee family

Funny world records
Longest wheelbarrow journey - David Baird

Longest farm tractor wheelie - Mike Hagan

Largest monument to the onion - Pericei

Largest monument to the Turkey - Frazee City

Largest collection of cow-related items - Denise Tubangui

Largest Corn Maze - Benson Farms

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