Children world records

Wearing most underpants - world record set by Jack Singer

Most Four Leaf Clovers Found in 15 Mins - John Stokes

Most Four Leaf Clovers Found in the Fastest Time - John Christian Stokes sets world record

Most Children Cooking Simultaneously - world record set by UK School Kids for Belling

Best 10-Year-Old Basketball Player - world record set by Jaylin Fleming

Youngest drum corps queen - world record set by  Julia Lira

Longest live singing concert by a child-world record set by Andra Gogan

Largest LEGO model of Noah's ark-world record set at Harvest Bible Chapel

Longest line of coins-world record set by THINK Together

Youngest male radio presenter-world record set by Jack Hill

Longest Backwards Limbo Skating-world record set by Kaitlyn Conner

Quickest human calculator-world record set by Chen Ranran

Biggest color painting-world record set by Luoyang students

Biggest Scout emblem-world record set by Mexican scouts

Biggest skateboard- world record set by Bay College students

Largest jigsaw puzzle-world record set by Ravensburg

Longest letter to Santa Claus-world record set by the Romanian Post

Most T-shirts worn at once- world record set by Austin Crow

Most Birthday cards received -world record set by Shane Bernier

Most get well cards-Josh Adkins

Most dominoes toppled by a group -world record set by Mr.Domino and team

Tallest roller coaster model-world record set by Branden Moyer

500 children set world record at an opening ceremony

Biggest Lesson-the Campaign for Education sets world record

Largest dance class-world record set by Ryerson dancers

Largest dancing group-world record set by the Phillipines

Largest gathering of plush toys-world record set by Shawsheen students

Largest group hug-world record set by Ottawa students

Largest gymnastic and artistic performance-Arirang Festival sets world record

Largest hokey pokey dance-world record set in Belmar

Largest simultaneous sleepover-world record set by Save the Children

Longest Breakdance Hand Wave-Prescott High School sets world record

Longest Riverdance line-world record set in Rockland

Most Kids playing a Nintendo DS

Most kite flying-world record set by Aussie scouts

Most people inside a soap bubble-Dr Robyn Wheldon-Williams sets world record

Longest dandelion found by Bjorn Magne set world record

Tallest Amaranth plant-world record set by Jesse Eldrid

Longest Pi Chain-world record set by Qatar International School

Largest calligraphy lesson-world record set by Taipei

Longest personal name-world record set by Captain Fantastic

Youngest passenger on wheightless flight-world record set by Jules Nader

Youngest Successful Singer-world record set by Cleopatra Stratan

Youngest to solo airplane and helicopters on same day-world record set by Errick Smith

Youngest human DJ world record set by Jack Hill

Youngest Person Performing Carnatic Music on the Violin - World Record set by Sandeep N Bharadwaj

Most expensive Baby photos: Angelina Jolie's twins sets world record

Youngest swimmer Maharnth set world record

Youngest college professor-world record set by Alia Sabur

Youngest pilot to set world flight records-Jonathan Strickland

Youngest leader of the Formula One world championship

Youngest lead climbing world champion-Johanna Ernst sets world record

Youngest person to win a Japanese Golf male tournament

Youngest relay team to swim the English Channel-world record set by English swimmers

Youngest Skydiver-world record set by Valentina Mihanciu

Strongest Girl-world record set by Jacqueline Wickens

Strongest Boy-world record set by Nicholas Ortiz

Youngest pilot completes round-the-world flight

Longest Limbo Skating-Aniket Chindak sets new world record

Youngest relay team to swim the English Channel

Youngest Skydiver-world record set by Valentina Mihanciu

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