Science world records

World's First

Most decimal places of Pi memorised: Rajveer Meena breaks Guinness World Records record

Smallest transistor: US research team breaks Guinness World Records record

Largest baking soda and vinegar volcano: world record broken by OMSI (VIDEO)

Largest radio telescope: China breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Largest prime number: GIMPS breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Smallest engine: University of Cambridge breaks Guinness World Records record

Most people stargazing: Australia breaks Guinness World Records record

Largest practical science lesson: Northern Ireland breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Largest Tetrix: Ravenscroft Math Club breaks Guinness World Records' record

Longest human electrical circuit: Texas school breaks Guinness world record

Most expensive letter: DNA discoverer's letter breaks Guinness world record

Largest Astronomy Lesson: Texas students broke Guinness world record

Largest neutron beam: scientists set world record

Smallest 3D map: IBM researchers sets world record (Video)

Oldest astrologer's board: Croatian board sets world record

Smallest periodic table: UK scientists sets world record (Video)

Longest Pi Chain: Monroe students set world record (Video)

Youngest person to discover a supernova: 10-Year-Old Kathryn Gray

Longest genome ever discovered: The Paris japonica

World's first blue chrysanthemum: world record set in Japan (VIDEO)

First Spacecraft To Reach Interstellar Space: Voyager 1 sets world record (PICS & VIDEO)

First artificial meat: Dutch scientists sets world record (Video)

First Atomic X-Ray Laser: SLAC researchers sets world record

     Other Science world records
Most digits of pi calculated : Shigeru Kondo and Alexander Yee sets world record

Most perfect prawn: world record set by CSIRO

First synthetic life form: J. Craig Venter Institute

Biggest scientific project: The Large Hadron Collider Project

Largest periodic table of elements: Fossil Ridge students

Most efficient bacteria test: Mobidiag

Longest Pi Chain: Qatar International School

Longest model of a DNA gene: Huddersfield University

Longest Scanned Document: Truper scanner

Highest efficient solar-to-grid convertor - SES

Fastest Storage - exas Memory Systems

Fastest road-legal BMW - G-Power

Darkest material - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rice University

Lowest power chipset - Silicon Line

Longest lasting alkaline battery - Evolta

Fastest electric vehicle - Altairnano

Shortest Chemical Bond Between Metals - UD researchers

Fastest heavy truck - Volvo NH

Longest micro-UAV flight-world record set by Pterosoar

Strongest artificially generated tornado

Longest unmanned flight-world record set by  Zephyr plane

Fastest jet-powered street luge-world record set by 'Tea Tray'

Most eye operations-world record set by Tatyarao Lahane

Superconducting magnet set world record

Fastest drive wipping -world record set by Blancco

Deepest production platform Independence Hub set world record

Fastest single-turbine engine plane set world record over Atlantic

world record for highest cell phone call

Fastest microprocessor ever built in Powerful New Computer

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