Science world records

Most decimal places of Pi memorised: Rajveer Meena breaks Guinness World Records record

Smallest transistor: US research team breaks Guinness World Records record

Largest radio telescope: China breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Largest prime number: GIMPS breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Smallest engine: University of Cambridge breaks Guinness World Records record

Most people stargazing: Australia breaks Guinness World Records record

Largest practical science lesson: Northern Ireland breaks Guinness World Records record (VIDEO)

Largest Tetrix: Ravenscroft Math Club breaks Guinness World Records' record

Longest human electrical circuit: Texas school breaks Guinness world record

Most expensive letter: DNA discoverer's letter breaks Guinness world record

Largest Astronomy Lesson: Texas students broke Guinness world record

Largest neutron beam: scientists set world record

First Spacecraft To Reach Interstellar Space: Voyager 1 sets world record (PICS & VIDEO)

First artificial meat: Dutch scientists sets world record (Video)

First Atomic X-Ray Laser: SLAC researchers sets world record

Smallest 3D map: IBM researchers sets world record (Video)

Oldest astrologer's board: Croatian board sets world record

Smallest periodic table: UK scientists sets world record (Video)

Longest Pi Chain: Monroe students set world record (Video)

Youngest person to discover a supernova: 10-Year-Old Kathryn Gray

Longest genome ever discovered: The Paris japonica

Most digits of pi calculated : Shigeru Kondo and Alexander Yee sets world record

Most perfect prawn: world record set by CSIRO

First synthetic life form: J. Craig Venter Institute

Biggest scientific project: The Large Hadron Collider Project

Largest periodic table of elements: Fossil Ridge students

Most efficient bacteria test: Mobidiag

Longest Pi Chain: Qatar International School

Longest model of a DNA gene: Huddersfield University

Longest Scanned Document: Truper scanner

Highest efficient solar-to-grid convertor - SES

Fastest Storage - exas Memory Systems

Fastest road-legal BMW - G-Power

Darkest material - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rice University

Lowest power chipset - Silicon Line

Longest lasting alkaline battery - Evolta

Fastest electric vehicle - Altairnano

Shortest Chemical Bond Between Metals - UD researchers

Fastest heavy truck - Volvo NH

Longest micro-UAV flight-world record set by Pterosoar

Strongest artificially generated tornado

Longest unmanned flight-world record set by  Zephyr plane

Fastest jet-powered street luge-world record set by 'Tea Tray'

Most eye operations-world record set by Tatyarao Lahane

Superconducting magnet set world record

Fastest drive wipping -world record set by Blancco

Deepest production platform Independence Hub set world record

Fastest single-turbine engine plane set world record over Atlantic

Drilling Depth world records were set by Timken bits

world record for highest cell phone call

Fastest microprocessor ever built in Powerful New Computer

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