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  Heaviest Baby Born: Baby Chun Chun sets world record (HD Video)

XINXIANG, Henan, China--29-year-old mother Wang Yujuan has given birth to a 15.5 pound baby who was delivered by C-section; both she and the baby are doing fine , setting the world record for the Heaviest Baby Born (Living)
- according to World Record Academy: heaviest baby born Baby Chun Chun

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The Guinness world record for the Heaviest Birth Ever was set by Anna Bates (née Swan) (Canada) (1846–88), who gave birth to a boy weighing 10.8 kg (23 lb 12 oz) (length 76 cm (30 in)) at her home in Seville, Ohio, USA on 19 January 1879, but the baby died 11 hours later.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the heaviest triplets; they weighed 10.9 kg (24 lb) and were born to Mary McDermott (UK) on 18 November 1914.

   This is possibly the largest newborn on record since the country's founding in 1949.

  Chunchun was born via caesarean section that lasted about 20 minutes on Feb 4.

   'Today is the first day of spring in the Chinese calendar and he's a 'dragon baby'. I feel very happy," his father Han Jingang told local broadcaster Xinxiang Television.

  Both mother and the baby are doing fine, according to doctors in Henan province's Xinxiang city, the Global Times reported. His 29-year-old mother Wang Yujuan said Chunchun's elder sister was four kilograms at birth who is now six years old.

 "I clearly felt that my body was more clumsy than when I had been pregnant with my daughter. My belly was bigger than it was then," Wang said.

 "I guessed the baby would be four-and-a-half and five kilos. I never expected to hear that he weighs so much."

  In a study researchers have found that the baby's genes, or genes shared between mother and child, certainly contribute to high birth weight.

  The chance a baby will weigh more at birth is greatly increased if the mother gains excessive weight during pregnancy.

  The study, published last year in the scientific journal The Lancet, defined high birth weight as four kilograms or heavier.

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