Monday, February 28, 2011

 Fattest contortionist: Matt Alaeddine sets world record (Video)

EDMONTON, Canada -- With the ability to press his soles to his cheeks, turn himself into a human dart board, and dislocate his shoulders to escape from a straitjacket and his over 400 pounds, Matt Alaeddine, 30, sets the world record for the Fattest contorsionist .
Photo: The World's Fattest Contorsionist, Matt Alaeddine shows one of his moves. Despite his mountainous size Matt Alaeddine can press the soles of his feet to his cheeks and do the 'sumo' splits. ( enlarge photo )

  The Guinness world record for the fattest nationwas set by the island state of Nauru, where the average BMI is 35.

  Guinness World Records also recognized the
world record for the most balls bounce juggled: 11, by Tim Nolan (USA) at the Old Dominion University Fieldhouse in Norfolk, Virginia, United States.

  The 30-year-old from Edmonton, Canada, has been twisting himself into odd positions for some ten years. He started as a street performer at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

  I've always had a fair amount of flexibility that I work on. But I have to work on it and stretch,' he told the Edmonton Journal.

  Mr Alaeddine's weight fluctuates between 400lb (28stone) and 450lbs (32stone) depending on the 'candy associated season'. 'Obesity! It's working for me,' he joked.

  He is part of the Jim Rose Circus that features extreme, often masochistic acts from sword swallowing to genital lifts.
   Alaeddine is one of three Edmontonians in the American troupe of pain-loving freaks. The roster also includes his friends Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn Walker of the Discovery Channel's Guinea Pig fame.

  When performing his contortions, Alaeddine stuffs his rolling hillsides into a gold nylon suit labelled "one size fits all" that he bought from the women's section of a hipster-friendly clothing store.

  'You go to work every day sitting at a desk,' he told the Journal reporter. 'It's not for me. I mean, some people, they just want to get out there and climb and mountain...I'm not going to climb a mountain. Comedy is my mountain. Contortion is my mountain.'

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Monday, February 28, 2011

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