Friday, April 16, 2010

 Most Exclusive Mint Julep Cup - world record set by Woodford Reserve

 LOUISVILLE, Ky., USA -- Woodford Reserve and Tiffany & Co have partnered up to offer a limited edition Woodford Reserve $1000 Mint Julep Cup , setting the world record for the Most Exclusive Mint Julep Cup .

 Photo: Woodford Reserve has unveiled the 2010 $1,000 Mint Julep Cup, the world's Most Exclusive Mint Julep Cup , designed by Tiffany & Co. Photo Woodford Reserve  ( enlarge photo )

  "Woodford Reserve is proud to partner with Tiffany & Co. to bring horse racing fans the most well-crafted mint julep cup ever to be sold," said Wayne Rose, Woodford Reserve brand director. "Through the sale of these julep cups, we look forward to assisting The Barnstable Brown Diabetes and Obesity Center."

   Beginning April 12, the 73 cups are available online on a first-come, first serve basis. Individually numbered cups are presented with a silver sipping straw and feature the Woodford Reserve logo and a new race horse design.

   When you pick up your Julep Cup, you'll find it filled with a special "$1,000 Mint Julep," featuring organic Turbinado raw cane sugar, a special Kentucky Colonel Mint grown Louisville in a Woodford Reserve bourbon barrel, ice crafted from pure glacial meltwater collected near the Gulf of Alaska, and the Master Distiller's personal selection of Woodford Reserve super-premium bourbon.

   Designed by Tiffany & Co for Woodford, each of course comes in a signature Tiffany Blue Box, and cased in the same wood used for Woodford Reserve barrels.

   "Tiffany's great heritage of sterling silver craftsmanship was established in the late 19th century with the trophies our silversmiths created for the great horse races of the period," said Diane Brown, vice president of Tiffany & Co.
    "We are gratified to continue that heritage with the creation of these silver cups for Woodford Reserve bourbon for presentation at this year's Kentucky Derby and for the benefit of The Barnstable Brown Diabetes and Obesity Center."

   Proceeds from the sale of the cups go to benefit the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes & Obesity Center. For more information, go to (must be 21).

A mint julep is traditionally made of four ingredients: mint, bourbon, sugar, and water. Traditionally, spearmint is the mint of choice used in Southern states; in particular, Kentucky Colonel.

    In the use of sugar and mint, it is similar to the mojito. In preparing a mint julep, a fresh mint sprig is used primarily as a garnish, to introduce the flavor and aroma through the nose. If mint leaves are used in the preparation, they should just be very lightly bruised, if at all.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

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