Wednesday, February 3, 2010

  Largest wine bottle - world record set by Wang Chen Wines

 SHENYANG, China -- The 1,850 litre bottle from Wang Chen Wines in Liaoning, Northern China is 15 feet high and contains nearly 1850-liters of wine - setting the new world record for the Largest wine bottle .

 Photo: The Largest bottle of wine contains nearly 1850-liters of wine, four times the previous world record holder, which contains 490-liters.
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 A company spokesman said: "We are very proud and the wine is very good. We have all had a glass from the bottle to celebrate."

   The previous Guinness world record for the Largest wine bottle was set by Austrian winemakers Kracher, whose bottle held 490 litres of Grande Cuvee TBA NV No.7 2005.

   The new world's Largest wine bottle contains treble the amount held by the previous record-holders in Austria.

  "We are very proud and the wine is very good. We have all had a glass from the bottle to celebrate," said a company spokesman.

   An average wine bottle can be held with just one hand, not this one. It needs two adults with open arms to reach around it. But this wine is even more unconventional. It's ice wine. A specialty of China's northeast regions.

   Yu Jiangshen, ice wine senior engineer, said, "Ice wine needs the grapes to be fully mature, so than the level of the sugar contained in the fruit is enough to make the ice wine. Then the grapes are condensed at a temperature less than 7 degrees Celsius below zero. Then ice wine can be made."

  Shenyang is the provincial capital of Liaoning. Conditions there provide the ideal soil and temperature for the grapes to be made into ice wine.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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