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Largest Cup Of Tea-Sri Lanka sets world record

 COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -- After 4,000 liters of tea having been poured into a giant cup with 10 feet (about 3.05 meters) in height and eight feet (about 2.44 meters) in width, the new world record for the
Largest cup of tea was set in Sri Lankan capital Colombo.
     Photo: The World's Largest Cup of Teawas filled with1,000 gallons (4,546l) of water, 141lb (64kg) of tea, 1,929lb (875kg) of malted milk powder and 353lb (160kg) of sugar. The giant red metal mug had a capacity of about 32,000 normal cups .
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The previous Guinness World record for the
Largest cup of tea was held by the Health Center in Fort Scott , Kansas, United States. The cup had been constructed to hold 3,000 liters while the record created by Viva was 4,550 liters.

 The new record
for the Largest cup of tea was created by GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) (GSK) for Viva, a drink that contains milk, wheat and malted barley.

   The tea-making process began at three o'clock in the morning, with 4,000 litres of water heated up in specially made boilers.
    Three hours later, 64 kilogrammes of tea, 160 kilogrammes of sugar and 875 kilogrammes of 'viva' - a malt drink - were added, before the brew was transferred into the giant red tea cup with specially-made pumps.

The event was overseen by Alison Ozanne, Guinness World Records Adjudicator from London, Britain who monitored the entire process and handed over the official certificate to Sachi Thomas, chairman and managing director of GSK Consumer, Sri Lanka.

   Thomas said the World's
Largest Cup of Tea was designed using 16 gauge, one inch (about 2.54 centimeters) thick steel which was nickel plated. Six heaters with the capacity of 2,000 watts each and a stirrer powered by motors were used to keep the tea warm.

World's Largest Cup of Tea was brewed for hours in 200 litre urns in the typical South Asian way-with sugar and malted milk power.

   The mixture was then slowly pumped into the mug-which had a capacity of about 32,000 normal cups-until it was full.

    "Viva is one of the fastest growing malt brands in the country and it is significant for us to be associated with Sri Lanka's most loved beverage.      The record is a tribute to the thousands of tea consumers in the country who consume their tea with malt," said Sachi Thomas - Chairman & Managing Director of GSK.

   After the record was broken, the Largest Cup Of Tea in The Worldwas driven around the capital Colombo, giving the public an opportunity to taste new Viva tea out of the large cup.  

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

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