Largest champagne glass - Vini nel Mondo sets world record

ROME, Italy --Weighing in at 203cm tall and with a diameter of 46cm, this glass has set the world record for the largest champagne glass.

Photo: The glass is 203 cm tall and with a diameter of 46 cm (80 x 18 inches)! It was made by a designer from Venice, Massimo Leonardon. ( enlarge photo )

  It took 11 magnum bottles (16,5 litres) to fill this huge cup; filled with spumante Asti DOGG of course.

  At a recent festival known as The White Night , which is an annual celebration of wine in Spoleto, Italy , for all those who can hold their liquor, the world’s largest champagne glass made its debut.

  The Asti spumante is produced in Piedmont; actually in a smaller area which includes only 52 municipalities; 9 in the province of Alessandria, 27 in the province of Asti; 16 in the province of Cuneo. Ten hectares divided into four areas: Santo Stefano Belbo, Canelli, Nizza Monferrato, Acqui terme.
June 30, 2008

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