Thursday, June 10, 2010

  Largest Moka Pot - Mirco della Vecchia sets world record
  SEREN DEL GRAPPA, (BL), Italy -- During the ' Dolomiti record show ', one of Italy’s most famous chocolatiers, Mirco Della Vecchia has unveiled a1.1 meter high, 1,78m base circumference, Moka pot made of Aluminium which sets the new world record for the Largest Moka Pot .

 Photo: Mirko Della Vecchia and the mayor of Pedavena Maria Teresa De Bortoli. ( enlarge photo )

   The new World's  Largest Moka Pot can serve 1,000 cups of moka coffe in 45 minutes, using 78 liters of water and 1 pound of coffe.

The previous Guinness world record for the Largest Moka Pot was a 1 meter high, 90 cm base circumference Moka pot made in Bosnia Herzegovina back in 2004.

    The moka pot, also known as a caffettiera or macchinetta (popular; literally "small machine"), is a stove top espresso coffee maker, based on the principle of preparing coffee with steam pressurized water.

   The moka pot is most commonly used in Europe, and has become known as an iconic design, displayed in modern industrial art museums, such as the Science Museum in London.

   Mokas come in different sizes, from one to eighteen 50 ml cups. The original design was made from aluminium with bakelite handles.

    Link: Mirco Della Vecchia - master chocolatier

Mirco Della Vecchia , together with a team of artists, has also created the World's Largest chocolate sculpture , a white chocolate replica of the Dome of Milan which is 1.5 meters tall, 2.5 meters long and weighed and impressive 5.37 tons .

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

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