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 Most National Anthems performed: Alan St. Louis sets world record (VIDEO)

Nashua, NH, USA -- Alan St. Louis, of Nashua, has sang the National Anthem 217 times in one year
, setting the world record for the most National Anthems performed in 365 days, according to the World Record Academy: www.worldrecordacademy.com/.
most National Anthems performed in 365 days world record set by Alan St. Louis
  Photo: Alan St. Louis from Nashua, New Hampshire sang the National Anthem at various events 217 times in the past year. ( enlarge photo )

  For his record setting efforts, the mayor declared a proclamation for St. Louis and his efforts.

The Guinness world record for the most people singing national/regional anthem simultaneously is 15,243 and was achieved by Lokmat Media Ltd (India) at the Divisional Sports Ground, in Aurangabad, India.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the First playing of National Anthems at an Olympic medal ceremony, set at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA.

  From a venue of 5 to venues of 12,000, there was no prior record in the book of world records for most National Anthems performed in 365 days, so Alan has set the record.

  The city recognized his achievement at a minor league baseball game and presented him with a plaque.

  St. Louis says that one of his friends joked that he would set a world record if he kept it up. So he contacted the Guinness World Records, and it turns out his friend was right.

   St. Louis says his next goal is to sing the National Anthem at Boston's Fenway Park.

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