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Longest piano concert - world record set by Romuald Koperski

  GDANSK, Poland -- Polish pianist Romuald Koperski , 54, got a thunderous ovation after he finished his 103 hours and 8 seconds piano recital at "Alfa Centrum" shopping mall - setting the new world record for the Longest piano concert . *

 Photo: Romuald Koperski. Photo by:
Krzysztof Mystkowski/KFP
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   His record-breaking recital consisted of classical musical compositions, jazz fragments and famous movie soundtracks.

   The pianist finished his brilliant performance with Fly Me To the Moon, a popular standard song written by Bart Howard in 1954 and frequently performed by Frank Sinatra.

 To get the world record for the Longest piano concert Mr Koperski has to continuously perform generally well known compositions, from classical pieces to jazz numbers and soundtracks from movies and musicals. Improvisation is not allowed.

* the total lengh of the record is the recital itself (101 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds) + allowed breaks

   “I didn’t think it would be this hard,” Mr Koperski said three days into the challenge.

   “[The world record] is more of a sport category, I think,” he said. “This is about endurance, certain abilities, the connection between muscle movement and the mind.”
   “There is an audience watching the concert, you need to concentrate and give everything of yourself.”

  Back in 2004 Mr Koperski played non-stop for 54 hours only to have his Guinness world record smashed by Hungarian pianist Charles Brunner.

   "There is nothing worse, no torture is worse than the impossibility of getting enough sleep," Koperski told the Polish Press Agency PAP after the marathon concert in northern Poland.

   The pianist was entitled to a five-minute break for every hour played, according to Guinness World Records rules. The pianist tried to accumulate the breaks to take longer rests, and ate and drank as little as possible so as not to waste time, PAP reported.

    In addition to being a musician, Romuald Koperski has numerous travel exploits to his credit. In 1998 he single-handly covered 4, 500 km along the Lena River in a rubber pontoon.
    He has organized and participated in three trans-Siberian automobile expeditions and took part in the Zurich-New York car expedition in 1994.

  The previous Guinness world record for the Longest piano concert was 101 hours and 7 minutes held by Hungarian Charles Brunner.   

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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