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  Largest Embroidery by a Single Person: Heather Hems sets world record

 Lyndhurst, Hants, UK -- Heather Hems, a 69-year-old grandmother of six and a dedicated pensioner has spent 12 hours every day sewing for 17 years to create a staggering 50 square metres embroidery - which sets the world record for the Largest embroidery by a single person, according to World Record Academy
worlds largest embroidery by Heather Hems
  Photo:4ft x 4ft Motion Picture panel, showing many famous actors and actresses, made by Heather Hems, part f the World's Largest Embroidery by a single person. ( enlarge photo )

The Guinness world record for the largest Lite-Brite picture used 347,004 pegs and was created by ASICS America Corporation, Vitrorobertson LLC, Lori Kanary and studio assistants. (All USA) in Denver,Colorado, USA.

 Guinness World Records also recognized the largest picture mosaic, which measured 1,024.6143 m² (11,009 ft² ), 31.779 m (104 ft) x 31.92 m (104 ft) and consisted of 16,428 pictures, in an event organized by Minakuchi Junior Chamber Inc. and the citizens of Koka City.

  The 69-year-old grandmother of six has devoted more than 70,000 hours to her creations that include significant people and chart major global events.

  Miss Hems commissioned artists to create her designs, which she then traced on to Irish linen.

  It has cost Miss Hems thousands of pounds in materials and has been so physically exhausting she has had to undergo shoulder surgery.

  She even juggled raising three children and working as a typesetter with her craft. And she now has 23 panels, which range from four feet to eight feet square.

  Some represent the achievements of the 20th century, including the first man on the moon, others focus on themes like 'our world' and 'sports'.

   Miss Hems, from Lyndhurst, Hants, said: 'I worked all day, brought up the children and then sat down and sewed for ten to 12 hours every night.'

   Despite a shoulder injury, Miss Hems has been able to continue with her love of tapestry:'Then I'd get two hours sleep and be back to the grind. It is a bit eccentric. I never do things by halves.

  'I put it down to my father. He used to dare me to do things. We'd race to see who could be the first to complete a collection.

  'I never had any doubts about doing the pieces. I just prayed I would finish them before my eyes gave up - I lost the sight in my left eye when I was a child.'

   The panels are now on permanent display The Blue Belle Gallery in Lyndhurst.
  Miss Hems continues to sew but now focuses on smaller pieces, which she sells in the gallery.

  She added: 'I do it for the pleasure. It never gets boring.'

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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