The World Record Academy (former World Records Academy ) is the World's largest organization which verify & recognize new world records, based on the UNLIMITED categories available for new records, the number of records listed in our online database (with a full detailed page and not just a lousy database entry) and the world's largest network of adjudicators.

The World Record Academy spans the globe to find the widest selection of authentic World Records around the World. Each new world record is carefully verified by top specialists.

     Launched (as worldrecordsacademy.org) in March 2007 as the world's first major competitor of Guinness World Records, WRA's project aim was to offer the first open online database of record holders and to launch a new, improved online registering system for new world records (back then, Guinness use to accept fax-only registrations).

     Anyone who attempts to break or set a World Record title must follow and comply with a strict set of guidelines, which are uniquely drafted for each record attempt

     The World Record Academy has become the leading international organization which certify world records, based on:
     - UNLIMITED world record categories
     - world's largest detailed (text + photos + videos) online database of world records: over 3,325 records- as of December 15, 2014;
      - largest off-line world records database: over 250,000 records on our files and library;
     - largest world record holders database;
     - world's largest adjudicators team available: world wide coverage for our verification & certification services; this service is available through any local State authority (Mayor, Sheriff, Post Office Chief Executive, Captain, etc);
     - largest availability of ALL our new world records through: Google News , Google search , Yahoo, Bing, RSS, etc.

      World Record Academy's website is owned by World Record Academy LLC, USA.

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